KB+ and eBooks

Over the last year we have added a number of Jisc Collection ebook agreements, which provide perpetual access, to KB+ from a range of publishers including Springer, Duke and World Scientific.

KB+ can be used to manage subscriptions to any of these packages. You can use KB+ to record the subscription, link it to the appropriate package for a list of titles, add the relevant licence and include financial information via our new finance module.

Screenshot of an ebook title in KB+

An ebook title in KB+

These collections are maintained by the KB+ data managers ensuring the title lists are up to date and accurate.

Our next step is to help institutions who want to record book titles they have purchased via evidence based Jisc Collection agreements. For these agreements the final set of titles is dependent on the selection made at the end of the year, therefore if you have subscribed to any of the expired agreements below and would
like to see your purchased content in KB+ please email us at knowledgebaseplus@jisc.ac.uk

  • Oxford Scholarship Online Evidence Based Acquisition (EBA) 2016
  • Cambridge Books Online Evidence Based Acquisition 2016/17
  • SAGE Knowledge eBooks Evidence Based Acquisition (EBA) 2017
  • Elsevier eBooks Freedom Collection 2015 (2017)

KB+ Version 7 – New User Interface

We are very excited to share the new KB+ user interface providing librarians with a clear environment where local data (subscription, usage, licence, finance and entitlement) can be stored, managed, exported and compared.

This new user interface accompanied by high quality data (curated by the KB+ team) increases the KB+ potential in making an impact on the HE community through contributing to the metadata supply chain

We would also like to thank all those involved in developing our new more intuitive interface including the valuable contribution from 50 HE librarians (current and non-users of KB+) whose feedback has been essential towards the collective success of this project.

A few highlights of the new user interface include;

Improved visual clarity introducing clear icons, colour based navigation and simplification of the terminology.

Displaying key licence properties alongside subscription information.

A goal oriented dashboard with an emphasis on KB+ expert tools, primary user tasks, and surfacing relevant content.

We are looking forward to hearing your feedback on the new interface. You can contact us either via the green support button in KB+ or emailing us at knowledgebaseplus@jisc.ac.uk.

UKSG17 Highlights

Photo of KB+ party

KB+ celebrates its 5 year anniversary

I was fortunate enough to attend the 2017 UKSG conference this year (recordings and slides from the conference are available online)

One of my highlights of the conference was the KB+ celebration we hosted on Monday evening. Thanks to all who attended, it was such a pleasure to be able to mark our 5 year anniversary with the community who have helped us build the service. We were treated to kind words from Liam Earney (Director of Jisc Collections) & Richard Parsons (Director, Library and Learning Centre, University of Dundee) on the impact KB+ has made to the e-resources landscape. We also had a sneak preview of the work on improving the KB+ user interface. In preparation for the celebration we also contacted the KB+ community to ask them to reflect on the service and we were able to share some of their thoughts too. (see our April Newsletter)

Another highlight was the breakout session on “KBART Recomendations: challenges & achievements”, which included presentations from Magaly and Chrissie as well as Julie Zhu from IEEE. From the early days KB+ has championed the need for standards to help with the management of e-resources and it was really interesting to hear about what progress has been made and what we can still do to help improve the situation. It was clear from the panel that while there needs some initial investment from all stakeholders in the e-resource chain the benefits, for example increased discoverability of content, continue to be worth it.

The final highlight of the conference was the people. From all the excellent speakers who generously shared their experiences and knowledge leaving me enthused, inspired and with a stack of further reading, to the serendipitous meeting of new people & exchanging new ideas and thoughts, to the opportunity of putting a face to a longstanding email relationship and finally the fun in spotting former and current colleagues on the dance floor. For me the heart of the UKSG conference is the community and I was grateful to be a part of it this year.

UKSG 2017

Next week is the UKSG 40th Annual Conference and Exhibition in Harrogate and I am really looking forward to attending this year. From my past experience, attending both in reality and virtually (via the live stream), I have always found this to be an interesting and thought provoking conference as well a great opportunity to meet people and discover new projects.

There are a number of Jisc sessions both on and off the main conference programme, full details available on the Jisc website.

For those attending the conference I wanted to highlight a few of the sessions which involve KB+.

Magaly and Chrissie are on a panel, joined by Julie Zhu from IEEE, talking about, ‘Knowledge Bases and related tools (KBART) recommendations: challenges and achievements’ on Tuesday 11 April at 16:00 and Wednesday 12 April at 11:00 (breakout session group D).

On Monday 10th April between 14.30-16.30 there will be someone from the KB+ team on the Jisc stand (84 & 85) in the exhibition hall so if you have any questions about the service do drop by for a chat.

In the evening on Monday 10th April at 17.30 KB+ is celebrating 5 years since the service was launched. So come and celebrate with us and hear more about what KB+ can offer; how the service is embracing new challenges and see a preview of the new user interface. Register for this special KB+ session via eventbrite.