Sustainability: What will happen beyond August 2012?

Another output from Phase I of the project will be a business plan and model for further development of the knowledgebase service. It is expected that this will identify the costs and workflows associated with the maintenance and creation of both the data and software tools to manage it. Phase I will not involve costs to individual institutions as it is HEFCE funded.

The Project’s sustainability will depend on the extent of community ownership and the extent to which it succeeds in bringing related service together (hopefully more of a hub than yet another spoke!)

In the medium to long term there is the potential for the development of more radical services and initiatives using data provided from this knowledgebase system in conjunction with other national and local databases (see for e.g Library Data Impact Project) and other emerging shared services.

Academic libraries and institutions have an interest in and responsibility for more than just their e-journals and databases – e-books, open access titles and individual articles, open educational resources and open data all pose new questions for electronic resources management (ERM). The project will also seek to identify the workflows that will allow these to be incorporated into shared ERM from Phase II onwards.

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