What does KB+ do today?

I’ve been getting myself up to speed with KB+ developments in preparation for a talk I’m giving and thought I’d share my notes on what KB+ does now (based on Liam’s presentation to JISC Collections). Respect to the implementation team!

  • Replaces manual records and filing cabinets for ERM
  • Maintains local subscription data in one place (currently nesli2 deals)
  • Populated from generic, verified subscription information held by JISC Collections
  • Maintains list of journal entitlements for ‘big deals’ (packages) for each year
  • Enables packages to be linked with one or more publisher or aggregator platforms
  • Can edit start dates and end dates for individual journal titles (useful for keeping link resolvers up-to-date)
  • Enables ‘core’ titles to be identified for each subscription year (the titles that are so often ‘in dispute’ with publishers at renewal)
  • Links journal subscription data and entitlements to the relevant licenses
  • Provides summary license terms ‘at a glance’, showing ‘rights’: e.g. Coursepacks, Interlending, Walk-in, Partners, etc.
  • Allows original licenses (documents) to be uploaded
  • Allows for local and shared Notes to be added
  • When changes are made to generic subscription data or licenses, library staff are alerted to accept (or reject) local changes
  • Journal titles and entitlements can be edited individually or in batches to suit local needs
  • Packages can be copied to act as templates for new packages or created from scratch

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