KB+ Release 3

KB+ is now on release 3 with more improvements and changes to the system. The one that has had the biggest impact on me is the updated search function.

Building on the popular comparison basket search function it is now possible to search all the packages within KB+ from the same looking screen. Alongside a simple name search there is now the option to filter the results by year, consortia and content provider making it easier to get to the package you want.

screen shot of package search

As we continue to add more packages to the system, some of our recent additions include Elsevier Freedom Collection, Elsevier Subject Collections, Annual Reviews, Taylor and Francis, Jstor, efficient navigation becomes essential.

Creating subscriptions has also been simplified. Your starting point is creating a subscription with a name and reference that is appropriate to your collection. You can then link it to the relevant package, if available in KB+, using a similar search  as above.

screenshot Create Subscriptionscreen shot of link package

You can also view a full list of current or past titles that you subscribe to in KB+ including subscription information. You are therefore able to see titles which appear in more than one package.

screen shot title list

The help guides will be updated to reflect the changes although this is taking a little longer owing to the size of the changes. We do however have some short screen casts below providing all the information you need and if you have any comments or queries please drop us an email

KBPlus: Package Search and Display 

KBPlus: Creating Subscriptions

KBPlus: Titles Listing

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