KB+ Collaboration

I am pleased to report that both Ex Libris and Serials Solutions are now using data from KB+.

  • Ex Libris provide a clear statement on their SFX targets to indicate they have got their data from KB+
  • Serials Solutions provide a list of those databases where they use KB+ data via their Support Centre

A key principle of KB+ is to do the work once and share, so I was really pleased to see that both Ex Libris and Serials Solution are using KB+ data. Having a single data source will help save time and resource across institutions.

I read an interesting article(1) today by Ed Chamberlain in Insights, covering union catalogues, open data and data aggregation. In the article he noted that KB+ was “aiming to create a national-level store of licence and holdings data that is owned and managed by a community. System vendors can also take and contribute data from and to the store. This allows libraries as customers to migrate from one electronic resource management system (ERM) to another with confidence that data will be uniform in quality across the marketplace.”  Its encouraging to see steps towards reaching this aim.

(1)Chamberlain, E. (2013) “Where do we go with Union Catalogues?” Insights. 26 (2) pp.180-184

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