KB+ Newsletter – July

Our latest newsletter has details about our new KB+ Advisory Group, our upcoming workshops and an interesting article by Paul Johnson at Staffordshire University on the role KB+ has played in a project looking at a model for recording and evaluating their digital subscriptions.

You can access the newsletter online here



Multi-Year Packages and Master lists in KB+

In the recent release of KB+ 4.1 we introduced some new functionality surrounding Multi-Year packages and Master title lists. There will be one title list (package) for the duration of multi-year deals this will be updated as titles join or leave the package (eg title transfers between publishers). For these packages you will no longer need to follow the renewal process of uploading a new list each year which we hope will save time and help reduce confusion.

We now have over 1000 packages and 20,000+ title in KB+. A key objective is to ensure this data is up to date and accurate. With a single list to manage the data managers will be able to maintain a level of accuracy and respond to emerging new requirements such as tracking APC journals.

Multi Year packages can be identified by the date range in their title and by the “Start” & “End” Dates exceeding a single year, for example, JSTOR:JISC Collections:Arts and Sciences I Collections:2012-2015

JSTOR package - multi year

Your subscriptions

Where you have subscriptions linked to a multi year or master list the functionality remains the same aside from a new basic & advanced view and a new set of “start access” and “end access” dates which you can use to manage  your subscription. From the advanced view you will be able to see which titles are ‘expected’ to join and which titles have left, ‘previous”, the package.

If you have created one subscription per year for a multi-year agreements you can convert your most recent subscription by updating the “End Date” to match the end date of the agreement and continue to use.

If you have added various annual packages for the same agreement to the same subscription you will have two different views of the same package in a single subscription. It would therefore be simpler to create a new subscription linking it to the latest package.

Your Renewals

For Multi Year packages you will no longer need to follow the renewal process as the title list will be continually updated. All the changes will be announced as a ‘To Do’ on your dashboard and subscription page.

Please contact us at kbplus@jisc-collections.ac.uk if you have any further questions or require a previous year list of a Multi Year package. We expect the ability to interrogate KB+ to know the content of a package at any given time to be available in the next release, until then you can request a previous year list of a multi year package from us directly.


New User Guides

We have updated and added 2 new User Guides to our page.

Our new guides cover

  • Affiliation requests – approving new members to your account
  • KB+ To Dos – accepting or rejecting the changes the Data Mangers make to title lists that your subscriptions are linked to.

If you would like to use these as templates to create personalised guides for your training please contact us at kbplus@jisc-collections.ac.uk for an editable version.

User Guides

We have recently added some quick reference guides which provide step by step help on how to use KB+ to add licences, subscriptions etc. (All user guides are now available at http://www.jisc-collections.ac.uk/KnowledgeBasePlus/Help/User-guides/ )

  • KB+ Getting started – a quick start guide
  • KB+ Profile – guide to setting up your profile
  • KB+ Affiliation Requests – guide to approve affiliation requests
  • KB+ Licences – guide to adding licences
  • KB+ Subscriptions – guide to setting up subscriptions
  • KB+ Renewals – guide to renewing title list
  • KB+ To Dos – guide to accept or reject To Dos
  • KB+ Usage Statistics (JUSP) – guide to show where you can view JUSP statistics in KB+
  • KB+Titles – guide to finding information on titles in KB+
  • KB+ Export Files (Link Resolvers)
  • KB+ workflows



KB+ Workshops – Scoping adding Financial Data to KB+

Back in March we held a number of focus groups helping us understand your priorities and explore potential new developments to KB+.

These ideas are now being progressed as time and budget allows in a number of ways – notably in the work planned for Release 4.2 in the Autumn, which includes some substantial work on local licences, further JUSP integration and areas you prioritised in the Ideascale poll.

Of the unexplored ‘futures’, the major challenge was how KB+ might usefully integrate and add value to financial information about e-subscriptions. 

Our starting point is specialist workshops to capture real detail about what level of financial data would benefit KB+ and how that would fit with your institutional workflows and existing data sources (ranging from spreadsheets to financial systems). We hope to see library teams that are able to provide real working evidence (perhaps even sharing your spreadsheets) and to help define practices that will make a real difference.

The KB+ workshops will be in:

  • Edinburgh (Wednesday,  27th August)
  • London ( Wednesday, 10th September)

If you are interested, please contact the KB Plus team (kbplus@jisc-collections.ac.uk) to book on to your preferred event or to discuss further.

Based on that initial work, the team will then consult with libraries to develop the strands arising, with a view to proposing an approach by the end of the year, with the possibility of development taking place in 2015.

JUSP and KB+ Interoperability

There is information in the latest JUSP newsletter on how JUSP and KB+ are working together with further exploration of rationalising the ‘core’ title functionality offered by both services and the addition of more 2014 title list in JUSP.

The newsletter also covers the recent workshop, new training resources and usage profiling reports.