Checking for duplicate titles across entitlements

At a recent KB+ One Day Workshop there was some interest in how KB+ can be used for comparing journal packages, examples of potential use include checking for duplication of titles across different packages, identifying which titles are potential gains or loses when considering moving from one package to another, comparing your entitlements with a publisher title list etc.

There are a number of ways in which KB+ can help answer these questions and we have a series of blog posts covering the tools available. Our last posts looked at comparing a package over time and comparing one package with another.

For full details of all the features in KB+ please see our help section with user guides, use cases and webinar recordings.

Identifying duplicate titles across your entitlements

You can see a list of all the titles relating to the subscriptions you have recorded in KB+ by going to Institutions>(your institutions)>Titles. You can filter this’ list by selecting ‘Titles we subscribe to through 2 or more packages’ to see a list of those titles which appear in 2 or more packages including their coverage details.

all titles subscribed - with labels

Contact us at if you require any support in using the tools I have mentioned above or if you have any examples using the comparison features in KB+ to share with the community.

We have recently added some new Use Cases showing how KB+ is currently being used across the community.

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