Monthly Webinar – Package Comparison

This is the 4th webinar in our monthly webinar series, this month we are looking at the various tools available in KB+ which allow you to compare titles lists to help answer queries about what titles have joined/left a package, overlapping titles etc.

Watch this 30 mins webinar to discover;

  • how to use the package comparison tool to compare 2 titles lists for information on additions, deletions, updates and overlapping titles
  • how to use the package comparison tool to compare the same title list on 2 different dates
  • how to filter your subscribed title list to indicate which ones are available in 2 or more packages
  • how to use the comparison spread sheet to help with renewal decisions based on usage and information on titles entering/leaving a package
  • how to filter a title list to see transfers, expected and previous titles.

Our next webinar will be on the 25th May at 11.00 and is about Renewals, please email for full details on joining.



Monthly Webinar – Subscriptions

The third webinar in our series looks at how you can use KB+ to record, manage and track e-resource subscriptions.

Click here to watch a 20min webinar where I look at;

  • recording different types of e-resource subscriptions in KB+, such as large collections, single titles, A&I databases etc.
  • creating a subscription in KB+
  • linking a package to a subscription (providing you with a list of titles)
  • the integration with JUSP allowing you to view JR1 statistics for a title within a subscription
  • using the advanced view to see which titles are expected in the package in the future and which have left the package.

Our next webinar will be on the 27th April at 14.00 and is about Package Comparisons, please email for full details on joining.