Monthly Webinar – Support

This is the 8th in our monthly webinar series looking at what support is available in KB+ ranging from help answering basic queries to populating your account with your institutional data.

Watch this 40 mins webinar (excuse the long pauses) for:

  • an introduction to the KB+ Data Managers and how we can help
  • examples of common queries we are asked
  • an overview of our KB+ one day workshops
  • information on how we can save you time by populating your licence and subscription information into your account
  • information on how we can populate core title information for you

We are very keen to hear from you on other types of support we can offer and suggestions for our next series of webinars.

Please do email if you have any feedback on our current userguides, workshops and webinars and if there are any other topics you want us to cover.

Monthly Webinar – To Dos

In July we had the 7th in our monthly webinar series looking at To Do’s which alert you to any changes to your licences and titles in KB+

Watch this 20mins webinar for:

  • Examples of the changes which trigger To Dos
  • They type of information To Dos can alert you to
  • How to manage the number of notifications received using Child/Parent
  • How to manage affiliation requests to your KB+ account