KB+ and eBooks

Over the last year we have added a number of Jisc Collection ebook agreements, which provide perpetual access, to KB+ from a range of publishers including Springer, Duke and World Scientific.

KB+ can be used to manage subscriptions to any of these packages. You can use KB+ to record the subscription, link it to the appropriate package for a list of titles, add the relevant licence and include financial information via our new finance module.

Screenshot of an ebook title in KB+

An ebook title in KB+

These collections are maintained by the KB+ data managers ensuring the title lists are up to date and accurate.

Our next step is to help institutions who want to record book titles they have purchased via evidence based Jisc Collection agreements. For these agreements the final set of titles is dependent on the selection made at the end of the year, therefore if you have subscribed to any of the expired agreements below and would
like to see your purchased content in KB+ please email us at knowledgebaseplus@jisc.ac.uk

  • Oxford Scholarship Online Evidence Based Acquisition (EBA) 2016
  • Cambridge Books Online Evidence Based Acquisition 2016/17
  • SAGE Knowledge eBooks Evidence Based Acquisition (EBA) 2017
  • Elsevier eBooks Freedom Collection 2015 (2017)

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