Investigation of training needs

You are invited to participate in a survey that forms part of a research project investigating the training needs of current and potential KB+ users.

The research is being conducted by Jo Alcock Consulting on behalf of the KB+ team.

The survey asks about your training needs as well as asking for feedback on current training materials. The full survey should take no more than 10-15 minutes of your time.

The survey is available at and will remain open until Friday 10th February.
If you have any questions please contact

Monthly Webinar – Subscriptions

The third webinar in our series looks at how you can use KB+ to record, manage and track e-resource subscriptions.

Click here to watch a 20min webinar where I look at;

  • recording different types of e-resource subscriptions in KB+, such as large collections, single titles, A&I databases etc.
  • creating a subscription in KB+
  • linking a package to a subscription (providing you with a list of titles)
  • the integration with JUSP allowing you to view JR1 statistics for a title within a subscription
  • using the advanced view to see which titles are expected in the package in the future and which have left the package.

Our next webinar will be on the 27th April at 14.00 and is about Package Comparisons, please email for full details on joining.


Monthly Webinar – Titles

Last week we began our new series of monthly webinars, which will run on the last Wednesday of each month, focusing on different areas of KB+.

Click here to watch a 15 min webinar about ‘titles’ which shows how to view a list of all your subscribed titles. (this is a re-recording of the webinar owing to some sound issues with the original recording)

In this webinar I show

  • how to filter to a list of titles within a single subscription which could be useful if you need a title list for a specific package.
  • how to filter down to single title and from easily view the usage stats for that title, the licence terms, coverage etc.
  • how to export the list of titles
  • how to check if a title is available through 2 or more packages

For further information on seeing your subscribed titles in KB+ see our userguide.

Our next webinar will be on the 24th February at 11.00 and is about Licences, please email for full details on joining.

KB+ Release 5 – Licences

Here are some of the new licence improvements from the latest release, KB+ R5.

Licence Comparison Tool (see user guide for full details)

screenshot Licence Comparison

The licence comparison tool has been improved in terms of content and design. Where there is an ONIX-PL (machine readable) version of a licence in KB+ you can now compare the full details of licences including terms such as definitions of Authorised Users, and all usage term information. This comparison tool is available via Institutions->Licence Comparison Tool (ElCat)

You can also now compare the simpler KB+ Licence Properties between 2 or more licences. This new functionality is available via Institutions > “your institution” > Compare Licences (KB+ Licence Properties)

These comparison tools can be useful for example when comparing new and old licences to check for changes or helping answer queries about what different licences permit.

Licence Exports (see user guide for full details)

There are new Export options to both individual and a list of licences. You can export the titles associated with a licence or the licensed subscription/package or the licence itself including the licence properties.

For example you can now filter your licences by those that allow “Walk in Access” and export a list of all journals which permit this. (if this property is included in your licences)

licence export screenshot

Licences (see user guide for full details)

When you click on a licence you now see the licence properties first, this was changed in response to feedback about showing the most commonly used information first.

It is also now possible to Link to a subscription from the licence screen as well as copying a licence from the licence details screen rather than going back to the licence list.

licence screenshot

The aim of these improvements was to help get to the data you need more effectively as well as streamlining workflows.

For more details about the new features in KB+ R5 please watch the 10min screencast.


Comparing Journal Packages

At a recent KB+ One Day Workshop there was some interest in how KB+ can be used for comparing journal packages, examples of potential use include checking for duplication of titles across different packages, identifying which titles are potential gains or loses when considering moving from one package to another, comparing your entitlements with a publisher title list etc.

There are a number of ways in which KB+ can help answer these questions and we have a series of blog posts covering the tools available.

For full details of all the features in KB+ please see our help section with user guides, use cases and webinar recordings.

Comparing one journal package with itself over a period of time

Over a year ago we introduced a new tool Package Comparison, select Institutions > Compare Packages, which allows you to compare a package across a period of time to see what changes have happened to that package, for example this may include new titles joining a package, titles leaving a package, coverage dates being changes etc. This is useful for those packages where the subscription is for multi-year and the one title list is edited for the duration of the deal. For example this tool can be used to compare JSTOR Master from December 2014 to June 2015, by selecting the appropriate filter we can see which titles have been added to the collection since Decmenber 2014 (insert), which titles have been removed from the collection (deleted), which titles have had details amended during the time period (update) and which titles have remained unchanged (No change)

(see our blog post on release 4.2 for further details about the package comparison tool)

Comparison tool

Comparing one package with another

You can also use the tool above to compare one package with another, please ensure you have the appropriate date relating to the package before you click compare. If you wanted to see which titles appear in both packages click on (update) and (No Change) to see all the titles that appear in both packages.

Contact us at if you require any support in using the tools I have mentioned above or if you have any examples using the comparison features in KB+ to share with the community.

We have recently added some new Use Cases showing how KB+ is currently being used across the community.



User Guides

We have recently added some quick reference guides which provide step by step help on how to use KB+ to add licences, subscriptions etc. (All user guides are now available at )

  • KB+ Getting started – a quick start guide
  • KB+ Profile – guide to setting up your profile
  • KB+ Affiliation Requests – guide to approve affiliation requests
  • KB+ Licences – guide to adding licences
  • KB+ Subscriptions – guide to setting up subscriptions
  • KB+ Renewals – guide to renewing title list
  • KB+ To Dos – guide to accept or reject To Dos
  • KB+ Usage Statistics (JUSP) – guide to show where you can view JUSP statistics in KB+
  • KB+Titles – guide to finding information on titles in KB+
  • KB+ Export Files (Link Resolvers)
  • KB+ workflows