Comparing Journal Packages using renewals worksheet

At a recent KB+ One Day Workshop there was some interest in how KB+ can be used for comparing journal packages, examples of potential use include checking for duplication of titles across different packages, identifying which titles are potential gains or loses when considering moving from one package to another, comparing your entitlements with a publisher title list etc.

There are a number of ways in which KB+ can help answer these questions and we have a series of blog posts covering the tools available. The last post covered using the Comparison Tool to compare the same package over time or two different packages.

Comparing a journal package with one or more packages

You can compare a number of journal packages by using the Generate Renewals Worksheet, select Institutions > (your institution) > ‘Generate Renewals Worksheet’.

Search for the packages you wish to compare and click the ‘add basket button’ Once you have made your selection click ‘Generate Comparison Sheet’ for an excel spread sheet listing all the titles in the packages.

generate subscription sheet - with labels

You can edit this spread sheet in excel by adding Filters and then Filtering by colour for those columns with the package name as a heading. If you filter by colour ‘green’ for all the packages you will see the titles which are duplicated across the packages.

Comparing your journal entitlements with a package

The Renewals workflow (see user guide for full details and screenshots) allows you to compare one of your subscriptions with another package. This is similar to the process above whereby your subscription is added to the basket with another package and click on ‘Generate Comparison Sheet’. As above you can then edit this spread sheet to filter by colour to see which titles are in both packages (both cells will be green) and which titles are in one package but not the other.(one cell will be green the other blank). This could be useful for when you want to compare your titles against the latest publisher list to see if there are any new titles or any deletions, this could include titles that are transferring in or out of the publisher list.

Contact us at if you require any support in using the tools I have mentioned above or if you have any examples using the comparison features in KB+ to share with the community.

We have recently added some new Use Cases showing how KB+ is currently being used across the community.

ScienceDirect IDEAL Academic Press Collections

There has been some discussion about the legacy IDEAL collection of Academic Press titles that some institutions will have access to alongside the ScienceDirect Collections. We are unsure how many institutions will have this extended access however, wanted to let the community know we are aware of this issue. The start dates for entitlements are really easy to amend – once you have linked to the ScienceDirect package, you can find the relevant titles and click on the date in the Start Date column to change to your specific start date. Once changed, just click the tick icon to show as your entitlement.

If anyone has a list of the titles included in this collection we can get this posted to advise the community.
Any queries on how to do this, or any other KB+ issues, please get in touch on


Wiley Blackwell 2013 Collections

Wiley Blackwell Collections

 I hope everyone has enjoyed the bank holiday weekend and made the most of the weather! I’ve just been working on the Wiley Blackwell Collections for this year and wanted to let you all know that I’ve had a definitive response from Matthew Howells on whether or not new (2013)  subscribers to the NESLi2 Wiley Online Library would have access to ceased or transferred titles (obviously, when content is still to be hosted via the Online Library) if they were listed in the 2012-2014 offer.

Matthew states if the institution is a new subscriber in 2013 then the answer is “no”. But, Institutions who subscribed in 2012 will have access as long as they are a subscriber and then we go into all sorts of complexity about core/subscribed titles! But, I just wanted to share this nugget of information with you!

We are currently in discussion about whether or not we will now need to have two lists available for 2013 subscribers and Year 2, 2012 subscribers as titles will vary slightly – but will keep you posted. Please let us know if you have any comment on this.

KB+ Content Update

Since the start of the new year JISC Collections have appointed two new Data Managers to the project. Myself (Damyanti Patel) & Christina Ley. I previously worked as eLibrary manager for Birmingham City University and Chrissie is currently working at Bangor University as Library Assistant (e-resources). We have joined Magaly Bascones who has been working on KB+ since the beginning. One of our key roles is to liaise with publishers and suppliers, gather list of titles within collections verify the information before loading into KB+. In the last couple of weeks we have added titles from a wide range of publishers highlights include

  • American Chemical Society – including the ACS Chemical & Engineering news archive
  • Brill – including the NESLI2 full collection
  • Duke – including the NESLI2 expanded collection
  • Karger – including the NESLI2 full collection
  • Project Euclid – including the NESLI2 prime collection
  • Royal Society of Chemistry
  • SAGE Publications
  • Taylor and Francis – including the NESLI2 collections STM & SSH
  • Wiley – including the full NESLI2 collections, STM, SSH & library opt in titles

A full list of publishers we have added was sent to the subscribers mailing list ( and full details of all the collections within KB+ are available on our exports page.

We have also begun working on identifying further NESLI2 collections and non NESLI2 publishers to begin working with so hopefully we will be adding titles from publishers & collections such as JSTOR, Emerald, Springer, Elsevier and more.

We would appreciate your help in identifying titles and collections you are keen to see in KB+ so please drop us an email or leave a comment on any packages you would welcome seeing in KB+