Change and Notifications (a.k.a ToDos)

When changes are made to information about journals, packages and template licences in KB+, it can impact on institutional subscriptions and licences. For example if a journal is removed from a package, it may also be appropriate to remove that title from a subscription to that package.

To support this KB+ has a mechanism for notifying users that there are changes that may affect their data called ToDos. If a change is made that has an actual or potential impact on items related to your institution, this will create a ToDo in your Dashboard as follows:

Display of ToDos on the KB+ Dashboard

You can view a fuller display of the ToDo list by clicking the button at the bottom of the Dashboard list.

When you view a  Subscription or Licence with outstanding ToDos they will display with a prompt to either Accept or Reject the change. If there are multiple ToDos on a single subscription/licence, you can Accept or Reject all ToDos at once.

ToDos on a Subscription


The following screencast demonstrates how the To Do list works, and how you can Accept or Reject changes to your institutional licences or subscriptions based on a To Do list item

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