The Dashboard is the central screen in the KB+ system, and the first screen you should see when you first login. (Before you can view your Dashboard, you must have setup your Profile with an institutional membership)

KB+ Dashboard

KB+ Dashboard

This screen has three main columns. From left to right these are:


“ToDos” are things that require action on the part of the user (or institution). ToDos are prompts created based on changes in the system that affect institutional licences or subscriptions. For example, if a journal is removed from a package that is in an institutional subscription, a ToDo will be created prompting for the journal to be removed from the subscription. You can either ‘Accept’ or ‘Reject’ a ToDo. Accepting a ToDo will generally apply the relevant data change to the institution subscription/licence. Rejecting a ToDo will leave the institutional data as it is.

See also Change and Notifications


“Announcements” are system wide announcements seen by all users (unlike ToDos which are institution specific). There are two types of announcement:

  • Automated announcements about changes to packages. These are generated on a daily basis and summarise any changes relevant to a specific package that have been made during the day. Automated announcements are system wide for everyone
  • Manually created announcements. These are system wide announcements made by the Jisc Collections team. These can be made at any time, and do not necessarily relate to any specific package


Anyone can start a discussion via the KB+ Discussion forums which are hosted at http://kbplus.zendesk.com/home. The most recently created discussions are displayed in the Dashboard for convenience, but to track discussions (by email, by RSS or on the web) please use http://kbplus.zendesk.com/home. As well as user generated discussion, all Automated Announcements get posted to package-specific discussion forums, and if you wish to track changes to packages you can subscribe to the relevant forums by email or by RSS.


This screencast introduces the KB+ Dashboard


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