Institutional Membership

In order to see or create any records in KB+, you have to be a member of an organisation. You can request membership to the correct institution from the profile screen. Select the correct Organisation from the “Request new membership” box. There are two types of membership:

  • Editors can edit all aspects of institutional accounts, create, edit and delete Subscriptions and Licences, and also approve other membership requests for the organisation
  • Read Only members can view all aspects of institutional accounts but cannot create, edit or delete any aspects of the data

Memberships have to be approved either by an existing Editor member of the organisation or by a KB+ administrator. See Managing Users in your Organisation for more details.

Lower part of Profile page

Most users will only belong to one organisation, however, a very few users may have membership of multiple organisations. If you have membership of multiple organisations you can set your ‘Default Dashboard’ which dictates which Organisation dashboard you see when you login to the system.

Upper part of Profile Page


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