Data Managers Tools and Tips

This page is aimed at the KB+ Data Manager team in Jisc Collections. While not private, the information shared here is probably not of much interest to people outside this team.

Upload Error Bookmarklet

This bookmarklet can be used after an attempt to upload a Package to KB+ has generated error. When you run it, it will add, at the top of the table of errors (i.e. within the webpage), a list of the lines which generated the errors, with the actual error added to the end of the line. The lines are comma delimited and can be cut and paste into a text file, or directly into Excel.

To get the bookmarklet, got to and follow the instructions

When you have done the upload and can see the errors on the screen, click the link in the bookmark bar, and you should see the new information added in the page. For larger packages this may take some time. You may find some browsers work quicker than others (Chrome recommended)

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