Key Functionality Limitations and Gaps

You can see a complete list of current issues on this GitHub issue tracker:

The following items are some of the key current limitations/gaps/bugs in the system.

Searching and sorting

  • There are limits to what columns are sortable and searchable on the ‘Manage Licences’ and ‘Manage Subscriptions screens.
  • Fields that can hold multiple values (such as the ‘Consortia’ field on the ‘Add Subscription’ page) cannot be sorted.

Spelling errors

  • The terms ‘Licence’ (noun) and ‘License’ (verb) (and variants of those terms) are misspelt in a small number of places.


  • There is currently no navigation route back from the Licence Detail page to the ‘Current Licences’ or ‘Add Licences’ screens.
  • Users can either use the back button on their browser or select ‘[institution] – Licences’ from the ‘Manage’ drop-down navigation menu.

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