Licences can be accessed from the ‘Manage’ menu, or the ‘Dashboard’. You can view “Current Licences” in use in your institution, and “Add Licences” using a template licence, or one of your existing licences, as the basis for the creation of a new licence, or create a licence from scratch.

There are a number of shared functions you can carry out from either the ‘Add Licences’ or ‘Current Licences’ screens

Sort list of licences

The list of licences can be re-ordered by clicking on the ‘Reference Description’, ‘Status’ or ‘Type’ column headings. NB: it is not currently possible to do a search on this screen.

View licence

You can view a specific licence by clicking on any of the items under the ‘Reference Description’ column.

The license details page displays any information, properties, documents, notes and links relating to the licence you clicked on.



You can view any notes associated with the template licence by clicking on the ‘Notes’ navigation label.


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