Organisation Roles/Links

Organisations can be related to items (and other Organisations) in KB+ via ‘roles’. For example an institution might be related to a licence by the ‘licensee’ role, while another organisation may be linked to the same licence by the ‘licensor’ role.

For both licences and subscriptions you can add organisations/roles using the same mechanism. On the Licence and Subscription details screens there is a “Org Links” section which lists all current roles, and allows the addition of new roles. The Org Links section of the screen looks like this:

Organisation Roles

Organisation Roles

The ‘Delete’ and ‘Add Org Link’ options will only appear if you have Edit permissions on the item. You can delete existing links by clicking the ‘Delete’.

If you click the ‘Add Org Link’ button, you will be presented with a screen where you can find organisations and select a role in relation to the current item:

Add Organisation Link

Add Organisation Link

You can use the ‘Search’ box to find the relevant organisation, and change the ‘Role’ at the bottom of the screen to the appropriate option. In this example JISC Collections is going to be added to the Licence as a Licensee:

Search for Organisation

Search for Organisation

Click the selection box in the ‘Select’ column, and click Add to add the relevant institution with the selected role.

N.B. Some roles grant specific permissions on items. Please see the Permissions documentation for more information and be aware that adding roles that grant permissions to other organisations may result in the item becoming visible to other users on the system.


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