What you can view and edit in KB+ is controlled by a permissions system. Permissions are generally granted through a user being a member of an organisation in KB+. When joining an organisation a user has an option of being a ‘read only’ member or an ‘editor’. These convey the permissions you might expect – a read only member of an organisation can only view, not edit, records.

The other part of the permissions system relies on links between organisations and items in the KB+. When an organisation is linked to an item on the system it is done using a ‘role’. For example, University X might be linked to Licence A with a ‘Licensee’ role. Some of these roles are associated with ‘view’ or ‘edit’ rights to the linked item. As you might expect the Licensee role conveys edit rights on the licence. Therefore a user who is an ‘editor’ member of University X can edit Licence A.

The permissions model is best illustrated by diagrams. The two diagrams below show how permissions work for Subscriptions and Licences:

Subscription permissions

Subscription permissions

Licence permissions

Licence permissions

As can be seen, as well as permissions being granted by direct organisation-to-item links, some ‘read only’ permissions are granted based on organisation-to-organisation links. For example in the Licence diagram, Ann and Bob can view Template Licence A because they belong to University X, which in turn is a consortial member of JISC Collections, which in turn is the Licensing Consortium for Template Licence A.

Finally some items may not be attached to any organisation – for example a Template Licence that does not have a Licensing Consortium still needs to be visible to users. To support this any licence can be assigned a ‘Public’ flag. If this is set to ‘Yes’ then any user on the system can see it.

Public permissions



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