Renewing a Subscription

The purpose of a ‘renewal’ is to create a new Subscription based on an existing Subscription. The new Subscription Taken will have a new list of Issue Entitlements, which are linked to different TIPPs. However it is likely that the list of titles represented in the new Subscription will substantially or completely overlap with those present in the old Subscription.

The renewal process in KB+ is designed to enable the creation of the new Subscriptoin which preserves information from the old Subscription, including information about coverage and ‘core’ status. However, it is also flexible enough to allow this data to be edited as part of the renewal process, and where necessary accept defaults from a package (e.g. for a journal start date).

The process is made up of four parts:

To start the renewals process, locate a subscription you wish to renew and click the ‘Renewal’ tab.

Renewals tab

Then click in the text “Click Here to start the renewals process”.


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