Importing the renewals spreadsheet

To create the ‘renewed’ subscription, import a spreadsheet created via the Comparison Basket process, and edited to represent the new, renewed, subscription.

In KB+ choose “Import Renewals” from the “Manage” menu:

Import Renewals menu item

You will be prompted to upload a renewals spreadsheet – use the ‘Choose File’ button to select the appropriate spreadsheet and click “Upload Renewals Worksheet”:

Upload Renewals Worksheet

Once the spreadsheet has uploaded you will see a preview, which indicates the new subscription to be created and allows you to ensure all the details are correct before processing the renewal:

Renewals preview

Once you are happy all details are correct, click “Accept and Process” to create the new subscription. When this has completed you will be taken to the Subscription details page where you can further edit the details such as the start and end date, as well as making any further changes to the details of the subscription:

New subscription created by renewal


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