The ‘comparison basket’

In order to allow the creation of a set of renewal options which compare the contents of the existing Subscription with available Packages, a search interface that searches Packages on the system is required. From this search interface it should be possible to save Packages to a ‘comparison basket’ which is then used to export a spreadsheet from KB+.

To access the comparison basket, locate the subscription you wish to renew and click the ‘Renewal’ tab.

Renewals tab

Then click in the text “Click Here to start the renewals process”.

This will take you to the screen where you can search through packages on the system and build your ‘comparison basket’. The Basket should be populated with packages that would be potential candidates for renewing your existing subscription. For example, if you are working from a subscription to the NESLi2 Nature Group  Journals 2012, the logical package to add to the basket is the NESLi2 Nature Group Journals 2013.

Your existing subscription will be added automatically to the basket, as this will be used as the basis for any renewal.Comparison Basket

You can search the packages by their name, start year, content provider and consortia. It is not currently possible to search for packages based on specific journal titles.

Populated Comparison Basket

Once you have added the relevant packages to your basket, you can click ‘Generate Comparison Sheet’ to export a spreadsheet containing details of your current subscription and the candidate packages for renewal.

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