Subscriptions can be accessed from the ‘Manage’ menu. You can view “Current Subscriptions” in use in your institution, or create a new subscription.

There are a number of shared functions you can carry out from the “Current Subscriptions” screen.

Search and Sort list of subscriptions

 View a subscription

Edit Subscription details

You can only edit subscriptions if you are a member of the institution that owns the subscription.

You can click on the subscription name at the top of the page to rename the subscription:

Clicking on the ‘Show/Hide Details’ button enables you to see general details about the subscription, as well as any Documents or Notes attached to the subscription.

Filter Issue Entitlements

The list of Issue Entitlments can be filtered to display only those that fulfil specific criteria. The Filter box can be used to filter on title, ISSN or eISSN. ISSN and eISSN values should be entered as two sets of four digits, separated by a hyphen.

Edit Issue Entitlements

You can click on any of the editable fields for an individual issue entitlement and amend the information for that title. The editable fields are:

  • ‘Core’ – can be true or false
  • ‘Start date’ (the date of the earliest issue available online)
  • ‘End date’ (the date of the latest issue available online – should be left blank to indicate that access is up to the current issue)
  • ‘Embargo’ – intended to record Embargo information as defined by KBART
  • ‘Coverage Depth’ – intended to record Coverage depth information as defined by KBART (e.g. ‘full-text’, ‘abstract only’)

You can perform “batch” edits (i.e. apply the same change to several Issue Entitlements at the same time) for any entitlements currently displayed on the screen by ticking the checkbox next to the entitlements you want the edit to be applied to and then using the controls in the second row of the Entitlements table e.g. Start Date.

Deleting Issue Entitlements

You can remove a single Issue Entitlement by clicking the ‘Delete’ option on the right-hand side of the relevant row.

You can also remove several entitlements at once by ticking the check box next to the Title of the ones you’d like to remove, then select ‘Remove Selected’ from the dropdown menu at the top of the column and click on the ‘Apply Batch Changes’ button to complete the removal.

Adding Issue Entitlements

By navigating to the ‘Add Entitlements’ area of the subscription you can select the titles you want to add to your subscription. You can only add Issue Entitlements for titles that are included in the original Package that the Subscription relates to. Currently you can only add one Issue Entitlement per journal title. If you already have Issue Entitlements for all titles in the package, the ‘Add Entitlements’ screen will be empty.


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