Creating a Subscription

There are two ways of creating a subscription from scratch:

  • From the Current Subscriptions page (described below)
  • By importing a spreadsheet describing the subscription (documentation coming soon)

You can create a new subscription from the Current Subscriptions page (accessed via the ‘Manage’ menu). From the Current Subscriptions page click ‘New Subscription (Empty)’

Create new subscription link

When you click this link, you will be prompted to fill in some basic details about the subscription:

Prompts for creating a new subscription

Enter an appropriate name and the start (Valid From) and end dates (Valid To) for the subscription, then click ‘Create ->’ (the ‘New Subscription Identifier’ can be left as it is).

This will create a new subscription, but not linked to any specific journal package or journal titles. For a subscription to a general resource (such as an A&I database) where no journal details are required, or if there is no requirement to track content within a package at journal title level, it is not necessary to link a package or add journal details to the subscription.

Where it is desirable to add journal title details to a subscription (such as for an e-journal package or a subscription to an individual journal) this can be done by linking the subscription to a package.


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