Issue Entitlement display

On a Subscription details page there is a list of all the ‘Issue Entitlements’ (that is the journal titles included in the subscription).

Issue Entitlement list

Clicking on the title of a journal will take you to a page that displays all the known information relating to the issue entitlement. This includes:

  • Title
  • All known title IDs (ISSN, eISSN, DOI, SUNCAT ID etc.)
  • Core status (in subscription)
  • Host Platform
  • Start Date/Volume/Issue
  • End Date/Volume/Issue (blank for ‘to current’)
  • Embargo (the KBART Embargo information)
  • Coverage Depth (KBART coverage can be: fulltext, abstract, or selected articles)
  • Coverage Note (KBART coverage note, although can also include more general information)


Issue Entitlement Details 1

Further down the page is more information about the journal title. This includes the details of the journal in the package from which the subscription is derived – which makes it easy to compare the subscription specific details with the more generic package details and see if (for example) there are differences in the start and end dates.

At the bottom of the page all packages known to KB+ where the journal title appears are listed. This allows  you to see if there are other potential routes to access the same title.

Issue Entitlement Details 2

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