Managing Issue Entitlements

‘Issue Entitlements’ are the journal titles included in the subscription. You can have Subscriptions without Issue Entitlements (for example if the resource in question is a database rather than an e-journal collection), but where an e-journal collection is described in KB+, you can add Issue Entitlements to a subscription to detail exactly which titles, and what issues of those titles, you have access to as part of your subscription.

To add Issue Entitlement details to a Subscription, the Subscription must be linked to one or more packages. Once you have done this you may wish to edit the details of the Issue Entitlements you have.

Adding Issue Entitlements to a Subscription

You are given the opportunity to add Issue Entitlements to a Subscription when you first link a Package to the subscription. If you want to add further Issue Entitlements to a subscription at a later date, you can do this from the ‘Add Entitlements’ tab within a Subscription

Add Entitlements in a Subscription


From this screen you can see all the journal titles that are in a linked package, but that you have not yet added as Issue Entitlements. If you have already added all titles in the package, this list will be empty.

You can filter this list by title keywords or by package (where you have multiple packages linked to the subscription), and then check the lines you wish to add. Once you have checked all the titles on a page that you wish to add as Issue Entitlements click the ‘Add Selected Entitlements’ button (n.b. you have to work on this list one page at a time. You can control the number of items displayed on the page by adjusting the ‘Default Page Size’ on your profile).

Removing Issue Entitlements from a Subscription

If you have Issue Entitlements that you need to remove from your subscription, you do this from the ‘Current Entitlements’ tab on the Subscription page (this is the default tab when you view a subscription)

Current Entitlements display in Subscription

To remove Issue Entitlements, simply click the ‘Delete’ option at the end of each row, or select several rows via the checkbox at the start of the row and click on the drop down at the top of the table (reading ‘Edit Selected’) to see the ‘Remove Selected’ option.

Once you have removed an Issue Entitlement from your subscription, the details for that journal will reappear in ‘Add Entitlements’ tab if you need to add the details again at a later date.

Editing Issue Entitlements

From the ‘Current Entitlements’ screen you can edit some key details of the issue entitlements.

Current Entitlements display in Subscription

Click on any underlined value in the table, or any cell reading ‘Empty’ and you will be able to edit the value in that cell.

You can also make edits to several lines at a time by selecting a number of rows using the checkboxes, making edits in the very first row of the table (where the ‘Apply Batch Changes’ button appears) and then making sure the ‘Edit Selected’ option is selected before clicking ‘Apply Batch Changes’.

Issue Entitlements can also be edited from the Issue Entitlement display (and on this display there are further details that can be edited) which you can access by clicking on the journal title. See documentation on the Issue Entitlement display for more details.


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