PCA Co-Design Project

Our new web pages can be found at – http://www.jisc-collections.ac.uk/KnowledgeBasePlus/Related-Services-and-Projects/jisc-co-design-programme/Post-cancellation-access-co-design-project/

When dealing with print materials, once a library had purchased the materials decisions regarding providing ongoing access to the materials were entirely within the hands of the library, and enacted through their management of the physical material they had purchased. The question of whether the library had a current subscription to any particular title did not directly impact on their ability to offer access to materials previously purchased.

However, when purchase of printed materials is replaced with licensed access to electronic materials through a subscription, the cessation of the subscription can potentially impact directly on the library’s ability to provide access to the materials.

To avoid this impact, many licences now include terms related to ‘post-cancellation access’ (PCA).

As part of the Jisc Co-Design programme, the KB+ project team, led by Jisc Collections and supported by Edina, is reviewing the issues relating to post-cancellation access, drawing on the findings and recommendations of previous work in this area.


Jisc and SCONUL have agreed to undertake a study under the Co-Design programme, reporting February 2014, in order to establish:

  • What use cases are of interest?
  • Which use cases can be usefully and meaningfully addressed within KB+ and related services?
  • What dependencies would there be on supply chain partners (commercial and / or community)?
  • What are the software development requirements related to the target use cases?
  • What are the initial and ongoing data management requirements?

The initial project scoping document is available for download.

Materials generated by this project include:


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