Existing services relevant to PCA

Our new web pages can be found at – http://www.jisc-collections.ac.uk/KnowledgeBasePlus/Related-Services-and-Projects/jisc-co-design-programme/Post-cancellation-access-co-design-project/

As well as KB+ itself, the following existing services have some presence in the UK HE environment and may have a role in helping libraries deal with the challenges of managing PCA:

Service/System Description of function Potential to support PCA functions
JUSP (http://jusp.mimas.ac.uk) Collect institutional usage information from e-content providers Provide evidence of subscribed resources during specific time periods in support of entitlement statements for the same time period
Keepers Registry (http://thekeepers.org) Registry and monitoring service for archiving arrangement for electronic journals Understand preservation and PCA access options in place when considering the termination/cancellation of a subscription
SafeNet Proposed UK managed archive for electronic journal content Could be used by publishers to offer PCA access
UK Lockss Alliance (http://www.lockssalliance.ac.uk) Initiative and software which tries to ensure perpetual access to electronic materials where required LOCKSS may be a mechanism for accessing content under PCA agreements
Portico (http://www.portico.org) Preservation service for e-journal and other digital content Used by some publishers to offer PCA access
Global Knowledgebase (GOKb) (http://gokb.org) Project to create a data repository that will contain key publication information about electronic resources Source of evidence of packages sold by publisher; Source of information about title transfers between publishers
Project Transfer (http://www.uksg.org/transfer) Provides code of practice in relation to the transfer of titles between publishers and an alerting service to facilitate information about journal transfers Source of information about title transfers between publishers

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