PCA Challenges

Our new web pages can be found at – http://www.jisc-collections.ac.uk/KnowledgeBasePlus/Related-Services-and-Projects/jisc-co-design-programme/Post-cancellation-access-co-design-project/

Based on the work of Pecan and the Post-Cancellation Entitlement Registry Scoping Project the following key challenges in relation to PCA have been identified:

Challenge description
C1 Lack of easy access to relevant data including:

  • descriptions of electronic journal packages, especially before 2012
  • records of institutional subscriptions, including ‘subscribed’ or ‘core’ titles within larger packages
  • PCA clauses relating to specific subscription agreements
C2 The amount of time required to verify and reconcile multiple sources of data relevant to PCA
C3 The time and resource required to reach agreement between publishers and institutions as to the current, and previous, entitlements the institution has
C4 Lack of standardised workflows for both publishers and institutions in relation to recording and managing PCA entitlements
C5 The dynamic nature of journal title publication agreements (e.g. journal titles change publishers, publishers are subject to takeover and merger, journal titles change/merge/split over time)

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