PCA Use cases

Our new web pages can be found at – http://www.jisc-collections.ac.uk/KnowledgeBasePlus/Related-Services-and-Projects/jisc-co-design-programme/Post-cancellation-access-co-design-project/

Based on a review of the relevant projects, services and reports, the following key use cases related to post-cancellation access have been identified:

Use case description
U1 When considering the renewal and/or cancellation of a subscription, an institution wishes to understand what access would be lost, and what access retained, based on post-cancellation rights
U2 When considering disposing of printed materials that are part of a current electronic subscription, an institution wishes to know their post-cancellation access rights to the electronic materials.
U3 As part of an audit process, or to demonstrate fiscal responsibility, an institution needs to provide evidence as to what access to materials has been purchased through past and current expenditure
U4 Following a cancellation an institution wishes to check that they have appropriate post-cancellation access as defined by the relevant licences.
U5 To assert rights to continued access to materials after the cancellation of a subscription, an institution wishes to provide evidence that:

  • they previously subscribed to the relevant materials
  • they had access to specific materials
  • the relevant licences support their claim to post-cancellation access rights
U6 Following the loss of detailed historical records (e.g. due to a change of subscription agent or the replacement of a local library management system) an institution wishes to review the contents of national deals/packages from previous years
U7 An institution wishes to reach agreement with a publisher as to their post-cancellation rights, bringing together local records with publisher information
U8 When a journal is transferred between two publishers an institution wishes to know that the transfer has occurred and understand if and how this transfer affects any post-cancellation rights they hold
U9 Following the cancellation of a subscription an institution wishes to keep an ongoing record of journals to which they have access through the post-cancellation agreement that applied to the subscription, and to track any changes (such as change of platform, change of publisher, change of terms etc.) that might affect their ongoing access under the PCA terms

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