Post-cancellation access terminology

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The Jisc Collections Post-Cancellation Entitlement Registry Scoping Project defined post-cancellation as follow:

“Post-cancellation access (PCA) entitlements specify the conditions that allow ongoing access to the journal volumes a subscriber has paid for.”

Whilst exact wording in relation to post-cancellation access varies across licences, the wording from Jisc Collections NESLi2 Sublicence 2013 is typical:

In the case of termination of this Sub-Licence (except for a material breach by the Sub-Licensee of its obligations under this Sub-Licence), JISC Collections will use all reasonable efforts to ensure that the Publisher will provide (at the option of the Sub-Licensee) the Sub-Licensee and its Authorised Users with continuous access to and use of the full text of the Licensed Material which was published and paid for during the term of this Sub-Licence and preceding licences (where applicable) between  JISC Collections and/or the Publisher and the Sub-Licensee, without charge, either by one or more of the following options:

i) continuing online access to archival copies of the same Licensed Material on the Publisher’s server;

ii) supplying  archival copies  of the same Licensed Material to the Sub-Licensee in an electronic medium mutually agreed between the parties;

iii) supplying  archival copies  of the same Licensed Material to a central archiving facility operated on behalf of the UK HE/FE community or other archival facility;

iv) granting access to the same Licensed Material through one of the e-journals archiving solutions listed in Schedule 4.

For the avoidance of doubt access and use of archival copies shall be subject to the terms and conditions as set out in Clauses 3 and 4 of this Sub-Licence.

Other terms used to refer to post-cancellation access include:

  • Perpetual Access
  • Post-termination access
  • Continuing Access

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