Old Master Lists

In release 4.2 we changed the workflow surrounding multi year packages and master lists in response to feedback and to save time. Instead of adding a new master list each year to the knowledgebase we will maintain one master list per publisher in perpetuity or till the publisher ceases. The ‘master’ list provides titles from a specific publisher and is useful for when adding individual subscriptions.

Current master lists do not include a year in their title like the old master lists, for example Organisation for Economic Co-operation & Development:Master is the current list while Organisation for Economic Co-operation & Development:Master:2013 is the old master list.

If you have a subscription linked to a master list we advise you use the current master list, the one without a year in the title, as this regularly updated.

(If you have a current subscription linked to an old master list please use the renewal process to move to the current master list.)