Monthly Webinar – Marking Core Titles

This is the 9th in our monthly webinar series, in this recording we look at how you can mark titles as core in KB+.

Watch this 30 mins webinar for:

  • instruction on how core titles can be marked in KB+ and then shared with JUSP
  • information on how the KB+ team can bulk upload core title information for institutions
  • information on adding dates to core titles as a record to aid with Post Cancellation Access
  • instruction on marking single titles as core within KB+
  • viewing your core titles

We are always keen to hear from you on other types of support we can offer and suggestions for our next series of webinars.

Please do email if you have any feedback on our current userguides, workshops and webinars and if there are any other topics you want us to cover.

Monthly Webinar – To Dos

In July we had the 7th in our monthly webinar series looking at To Do’s which alert you to any changes to your licences and titles in KB+

Watch this 20mins webinar for:

  • Examples of the changes which trigger To Dos
  • They type of information To Dos can alert you to
  • How to manage the number of notifications received using Child/Parent
  • How to manage affiliation requests to your KB+ account

Monthly Webinar – Subscriptions

The third webinar in our series looks at how you can use KB+ to record, manage and track e-resource subscriptions.

Click here to watch a 20min webinar where I look at;

  • recording different types of e-resource subscriptions in KB+, such as large collections, single titles, A&I databases etc.
  • creating a subscription in KB+
  • linking a package to a subscription (providing you with a list of titles)
  • the integration with JUSP allowing you to view JR1 statistics for a title within a subscription
  • using the advanced view to see which titles are expected in the package in the future and which have left the package.

Our next webinar will be on the 27th April at 14.00 and is about Package Comparisons, please email for full details on joining.


Monthly Webinar – Licences

We ran the second in our monthly webinar series focusing on different areas of KB+ and this weeks topic was licences.

Click here to watch the 50 mins webinar on licenses on KB+ where I talk about how you can store your licenses, view key properties, export useful information and use our comparison tools to help you identify what is permissible across different licences.

Following feedback from the community we have worked on improving existing licences functionality as well as introducing new features and this webinar attempts to cover the range of tools now available in KB+.

In this webinar I show:

  • How to add licences to your KB+ account, by copying from the knowledge base or adding a blank licence
  • How you can edit the key properties table within a licence to add your own properties
  • How to link to a subscription from the licence
  • How to search across the licences including filtering by properties and export this information
  • How to use the Licence Comparison Tool – comparing ONIX-PL licences
  • How to ‘Compare Licences (KB+ Licence Properties)

Our next webinar will be on the 23rd March at 11.00 and is about Subscriptions, please email for full details on joining.


Monthly Webinar – Titles

Last week we began our new series of monthly webinars, which will run on the last Wednesday of each month, focusing on different areas of KB+.

Click here to watch a 15 min webinar about ‘titles’ which shows how to view a list of all your subscribed titles. (this is a re-recording of the webinar owing to some sound issues with the original recording)

In this webinar I show

  • how to filter to a list of titles within a single subscription which could be useful if you need a title list for a specific package.
  • how to filter down to single title and from easily view the usage stats for that title, the licence terms, coverage etc.
  • how to export the list of titles
  • how to check if a title is available through 2 or more packages

For further information on seeing your subscribed titles in KB+ see our userguide.

Our next webinar will be on the 24th February at 11.00 and is about Licences, please email for full details on joining.

Webinar for KB+ 4.2

You can view our webinar recording about the latest release of KB+.

Click here for the recording which is available on Blackboard collaborate and is approx. 60 mins.

In this webinar I highlight new features in KB+ such as editable license properties, new fields in the subscription record and the package comparison tool using screenshots and example scenarios of use.